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Plum is an insights consultancy – agile, dynamic and rooted in the present. We help businesses find their unique cultural foothold across complex South and South-East Asian markets.

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Such markets in transition often appear easy to squeeze yourself into from the outside – but are societies in which orthodox and modern cultural idiosyncrasies share zip-codes and milkmen. These markets have core beliefs that are hard to breach.


Plum was forged on the fault-line of such cultural tensions, to inform business actions and decisions for tomorrow.

We believe

Insights and inspiration for businesses can come from unexpected sources. Tapping into this means not being bound by frameworks, definitions, methods, ways of working and fixed ways of seeing industries and businesses.


We bring insights to life through visual storytelling, immersive experiences, and a host of custom-built practices. We blend methodological rigour, empathy, and intuitive creativity in all we do.

Why 'Plum'?

A famous anthropologist once categorized all cultures as either ‘Coconuts’ or ‘Plums’. Coconut cultures, are tough to break into from the outside, but at the centre are soft, pulpy, and mushy. Some European and Scandanavian cultures have this same characteristic.


‘Plum’ cultures are easy to squeeze oneself into from the outside but have core beliefs (like the hard seed of a plum) that are hard to penetrate - reminiscent of Asian cultures.


Our work is like that – textured, with a strong sensorial quality. And at its core is solid cultural and strategic thinking.

What we do

to build resonant products and solutions suited to your unique challenge

02 Co-create

the layers of culture that a brand exists in

01 Unravel

03 Animate

the consumer opportunity to inspire wider audiences

Usability research

Brand evaluations


Concept development

Some challenges we help solve

Category futures mapping

Trends spotting

Foundational category or target exploration

Rewind and refresh

The plum team

Processes don’t lead to breakthrough work – intuition born of experience does. The width of talent on our team blends the rigor of human and culture centered research, design and product innovation thinking, and

cross-media story telling capabilities.


We are a team of Insiders, Investigators, and Creators.

Our work


Tech, Lifestyle, Social Enterprise, Entertainment, Fashion, FMCG, Finance and more...

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Our thinking

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what we do

the plum team

our work

our thinking

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