Our Ethnographic work gives us an intimate view of peoples’ lives. Often while researching their behaviour and choices in a particular category, we hear deep and fascinating stories about their lives, hopes, fears and dreams.


This leaves us wondering about the shifting beliefs and values in culture today, and where it's all headed. This podcast series is aimed at having curious conversations to ponder and decode all of this.

Episode 06 | Pandemic Stories : Perspectives from Mythology

We truly live in historic and fascinating times with the global pandemic still at large across the world.


In this podcast we look at the collective experiences of the COVID-19 through the lens of mythology. Our guest today is Utkarsh Patel, a world mythology expert, author in mythological fiction and professor of comparative world mythology at the university of Mumbai.


His blog “This is Utkarsh speaking” carries wonderful stories and insights into the world of mythology. He is also the founding member of ‘The Mythology Project’ which aims to dig into this rich cultural stockpile, by researching living myths and traditions.

Episode 5 | Pandemic Stories: Spotlight on urban women from low income groups

In this podcast, we shine a spotlight on an audience that is often overlooked. As part of our syndicated study, Pandemic Stories, we spoke to women from Delhi and Mumbai to understand their lived reality. We partnered with Payal Rajpal, who leads Triggerise India, to uncover the challenges faced by this audience and what institutions can do for them.


Listen in! Should you like to support organisations that are working with this audience, here are a few institutions you can contribute to: Goonj (bridging the rural-urban divide), Myna Mahila Foundation (working on menstrual health), To Dharavi with Love (fundraiser to support slum-dwellers during the current crisis)

Episode 4 | Pandemic Stories : An inter-generational lens

We’ve observed through our research that there are huge differences in the way people across age groups have dealt with the lockdown. Clearly, a 25 year old has very different hopes, fears and dreams than a 55 year old.


What they prioritise or deprioritise depends on what’s important to them at that life stage. We’ve also seen that across age groups, people who have been highly social, extroverted and active have been forced to make changes to their lifestyle.


In this podcast, we have a candid dialogue with 3 social urban Indian busybodies of different age groups: Aparna Gupt (Boomer), Ira Jain (Millennial) and Mohit Puri (Gen-Z) to see how they’ve adapted in these times. Post the lockdown, it’s clear that we’ll be living in a very different world. While we try to imagine what this could be like and the shifts that could take place, the stories, attitudes and perspectives of these people give us useful clues.


How might social life change?

How do social events change?

What will stay the same? vs. What could change forever?

What does this mean for people at different stages of their lives?


We explore some of these themes in our podcast.

Episode 03 | Pandemic Stories :  Health, Human Rights, Internet Culture & What's in it for Brands?

As part of an ongoing series, to understand human responses to the pandemic in the Indian subcontinent, Plum speaks to 4 professionals on how their personal and work lives have changed. And where all of this might lead….


On the panel we have diverse professionals, working in varied fields - Renu Gaggar (a doctor), Sukhnidh Kaur (a social media influencer), Deep Chhabria (a comedian/advertiser) and Nikita Sonavane (a human rights lawyer).

Episode 02 | Who is the Post-Millennial generation, Gen-Z?

Who are they? Are they different from Millennials? What characterises them? What do brands need to think about when they engage with this group?


In this podcast, we have a stimulating discussion on the upcoming youthful generation (aged 16-24), popularly called Gen-Z.


We had a chat with a diverse group of people working with this generation- Nirali Bhatia (a Cyber Psychologist) , Samyak Chakrabarty (an Entrepreneur who works with Gen-Z) , and Dhruv Shah (a young Poet and Artist), moderated by our Plum’s own Sneha Kapoor.

Episode 01 | What does Plum do and what to expect from this podcast series?

An introductory snippet to give you a sneak peak into who we are, what we do and what our Podcast series will be all about.


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